2008.03.28 | Hajas Interview!

Hajas Interview about HER Airborne
My interview about HER Airborne is now featured on the links of Total Gaming Network pages. Check also the new promotional video on the Videos page.

2008.03.26 | HER 2.3 Released!

Now you can play the brand new Objective gametype with Realism like the glory days of Medal Of Honor series. Update your MOHA to 1.3 then install HER 2.3 and have fun!

HER Airborne 2.3 this time come already with the uninstaller, since seams to be the last and final version.

Because this release I was interviewed by Total Gaming Network some days ago, and the interview was published yesterday. You can read the full interview here and also leave your comments on the forums.

If you enjoyed HER Airborne, please check the HER versions to other games and many different mods at www.mods.hajas.org

2008.02.22 | HER Airborne at Mod DB!

HER Airborne was added to Mod DB in the last week!

Click HERE to visit HER Airborne there.

A new version will be released soon as the new patch with Real Objective gametype be released. In this meantime feel free to enjoy my other Mods at Mod DB incluiding other HER versions to other games.

More informations at : www.mods.hajas.org

2007.10.12 | HER 2.1 Released!

. HER now is 100% compatible with Dedicated Servers!
. Lean in MP is equal as SP
. Falling Damage improved
. Chat Location Changed
. Many small changes in the Messages

WARNING! You need HER installed to connect to HER Servers! And with HER installed you will not be able to connect to any different server aside they said they fixed this bug in 1.1 patch. They LIED!

If you are running a Dedicated Server and want to use HER please let me know! Then I'll add your Server/Site to my site and to the Readme file of my MOD. Any question feel free to ask!

2007.09.15 | HER 2.0 Released!

. HER now available for the FULL version!
. Stars Re-Balanced to Match with Realism
. Multiplayer Support!
. Press F2 to Remove the Radar!
. Press F3 to Show the Radar!

WARNING! With HER installed you will not be able to connect to any server anymore, and when you create a server only players with HER installed will be able to connect.

This is a limitation of the game, and this problem is on the list of bug fixes of the Standalone server... but don't worry, it's just download the HER Uninstaller then with 2 seconds you will be able to play online again.

Of course! the next HER release will be 100% compatible with the Standalone Server.

Enjoy the Hell!

2007.09.13 | MOH Airborne Released in Brasil!

I was the first to get the game on the store, and started the work with HER at the same day.

2007.09.04 | HER Elite now at XFire!

2007.09.02 | New Site & HER 1.1 Released!

. Explosions improved!
. Less amount of Granades and Ammo, the same to the packs on the floor.
. Press F1 to revome all your HUD to make this even more realistic! (optional)
. Radar was banned as a Cheat!

Enjoy the Full site!

2007.08.29 | HER Videos on GetAirborne!

Two of the ingame videos of HER are available at GetAirborne.net.

Were the first videos released subimitted by fans!!!

2007.08.27 | HER Videos on Total Airborne!

All 3 videos of HER are available at Total Airborne.

Please take a look and comment Here.

2007.08.25 | HER 1.0 featured at Total Airborne!

HER was featured on the MOD News at Total Airborne.

Please take a look and comment Here.

2007.08.24 | HER 1.0 Released!

The first ever Realism MOD to MOHA Demo was created! Was spent around 12hs of programming and testing to make this the best Realism MOD available to MOHA Demo, and later a new version will be made to the full version of the game.

2007.08.23 | MOH Airborne Demo Released!

The Single Player Demo of Medal Of Honor Airborne was released, but I think was too much easy to my taste, and start to study his script to make MOHA sounds more challenger, then born the idea to make a MOD to recreate the MP of my beloved Spearhead which I start to work just after I finished the Demo.